There are many cafes in Bangkok opened to late hours but when it’s a 24-hour cafe it becomes limited.

Let’s Say Cafe, this 24-hour cafe near the BTS Victory Monument station is the one and the only cafe opened 24 hours around here.

This cafe is well facilitated with PC work. Great for people who need to get work done or to study late at night before a test.

The Atmosphere of this cafe

This is not the one if you’re looking for a cute and fancy cafe.

Most of the people at this cafe just come here to do their laptop work. It is not fancy at all and the people who come here do not need the fancy look.

The sign of the cafe says ”OPEN 24 HOURS” so it gives you no worries for the cafe being closed whenever you plan to go.

If you like how Were Bean Coffee is set up with people being able to work on their laptop and students studying, this is just the place for you but it can get quite crowded sometimes.

The cafe is not that spacious and the tables are cramped together like so.

Therefore, you might feel cramped even if there are not many people.

If you choose a seat near or along the walls you be able to work peacefully but if you get a seat in center of the cafe you might feel uncomfortable. (Is it just me?)

But as it goes further into the night, from midnight to dawn, fewer the people get, and it gives you pure concentrating time to get your work or studying done.

This is a picture of the cafe from when I was there at around 5 to 7 am.

There were 2 other groups of students besides me, some studying and some being lazy but eventually went home at the break of dawn and had the cafe all to myself.

There is no specific parking lot but there is a sign that says, from 4pm to 8am you are allowed to park on the side of the road.

If you plan on going by car, go after the rush hours or in the early mornings since Victoria Monument gets crowded in the evening and you might get stuck in traffic.

Let’s Say Cafe’s Menu

The prices for drinks seems normal for cafes in this area.

When it is not so crowded and the staffs are motivated enough, they sometimes come over to the table to take your order, but to make everything smooth, I would just order from the counter.

These are the main drinks. Along with those they also have sodas and other variety of drinks as well. It will suit whatever your needs are.

While working or studying during the night I’m sure many of you will get a little hungry, well, this cafe has the perfect light dish to fulfill your needs.

I never tried them because it was late at night and having something like this in such a time, I believe is unhealthy and fattening.

From lite snacks to kinds of pasta, you can order a variety of things.

It’s nice to be able to order late at night

No worries for smokers with the terrace seats they have where you can smoke.

More plug-ins than seats

A 24-hour-cafe is quite uncommon but what is good about Let’s Say Cafe is the number of plug-ins they have.

A number of plug-ins along the walls.

With many foot wirings like these, you will not be troubled with plug-ins.

This is a table for 4 people with each person getting electricity.

There will be no problem even if you come alone wanting to use more than one socket.

There is plenty of foot wiring for you. If you run out of sockets just grab one of these. 

The overview of Let’s Say Cafe

When you want to get PC work done getting electricity is key. With plenty of plug-ins, by all means, this is the best one.

Another great thing about this cafe is that it is opened 24hours so if you want to get work done late at night or just hungry, this cafe might be for you.

The usage of this cafe
  • Study
  • Work with a computer, digital nomad, Remote work
  • you can get a seat with a plug socket
  • opens 24hours so can work or study at midnight and early morning
  • smokers-friendly cafe on the terrace
  • so crowd in the evening


Cafe information

Cafe Name Let’s Say Cafe
Address 440/19-20, Ratchawithi 3, Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400
Telephone 02 245 6134
Open Time (weekday) 24hours
Open Time (weekend) 24hours
Wi-Fi Yes
Plug Sockets Yes
Parking Yes(available on road only late)
Seat Number 50
Terrace Seats Yes
Facebook @LetsSayCafe
Instagram @lets_say_cafe