Trica Hostel & Cafe is one of the popular hostel cafes in Bangkok located in Onnut area. The hostel guests also use this cafe but there are not so many people all the time.

You can walk from the BTS Onnut station and can use Wi-Fi or plug sockets, so it is possible to work with PC or studying for a long time.

The Atmosphere of this cafe

This hostel cafe is located on Sukhumvit Soi 77 (Onnut Road). Easy to find on your right side before reaching a small canal.

You will see a counter like this when you first get inside the hostel.

Cute Trica board on the wall on your left.

This cafe has a lot of tables and seats for eating, studying, and work. This 10 person table is suited for not only chatting but for remote work as well.

Here is also a big table for some guests in front of the Trica board but the chairs are a bit high. You can find plug sockets on both sides. This is not enough if many people use this table though. But all things considered, Trica Hostel & Cafe is convenient for any purposes.

Trica Hostel&Cafe’s Menu

A featured menu in this hostel cafe is Kara-age set (Japanese style fried chicken set).

There are a lot of other menus like pasta, sandwiches, and hamburger, but I recommend you to try the Kara-age set first.

This Kara-age set was served for only 130 baht when it was first opened. For the Japanese living in Bangkok, it was an unbelievable price. Unfortunately, the price went up in 2017 to 180 baht but it is still cheap considering the quality of the meal.

I’ve tried the hamburger and it was also tasty but I prefer to Kara-age set.

You can visit here for any purpose

Until a few years ago,  there were not many foreigners in the Onnut area but it has changed to one of the touristic areas in recent years. It is still not a kind of cafe areas like BTS Ari area or China town, but some coffee shops are so unique or beautiful.

Each coffee shop has their characteristics. From the viewpoint of coffee shops, Trica doesn’t have any special strong points.

Yes, this is a stylish cafe and you can use it for remote work, but…

I will recommend these cafes in each genre.

But Trica has one big appeal point especially for Japanese people, it’s the Kara-age set.

If you like Kara-age (Japanese style fried chicken), you should definitely go.

The overview of Trica Hostel&Cafe

The usage of this cafe
  • Lunch
  • Work with a computer, digital nomad, Remote work
  • Study
  • Relax & Chill
  • Couple dating
  • tasty Japanese style fried chicken lunch at a reasonable price
  • good for remote work
  • the number of plug sockets is not enough
  • not close from Onnut station (more than 10 min by walk)


Cafe information

Cafe Name Trica Hostel & Cafe
Address 252/1-2 Soi Onnut 2/1 Sukhumvit 77 Road, Phakanong Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Telephone 02 044 2119
Open Time (weekday) 8:00 – 21:00
Open Time (weekend) 8:00 – 21:00
Wi-Fi Yes
Plug Sockets Yes
Parking No
Seat Number 40
Terrace Seats Yes
Facebook @tricahostelbangkok
Instagram @trica252