Most peoples’ perceptions around Ratchadaphisek Station is that there is nothing, in particular, to do or see, which I believe is somewhat true.

However, there is a nice little cafe called ”Laliette” that serves pretty tasty cakes within a walking distance from MRT Ratchadaphisek Station.

The Atmosphere of this cafe

From Ratchadapisek Subway Station Exit 1, go down Vibhavadi Rangsit Street following the direction to Soi 16, and you’ll get there in about 5 minutes.

There are no landmarks in particular around the cafe and is easily noticeable with the building being green and plants corresponding to the color out in front to your right.

Inside the cafe, in front of you will be a showcase with a variety of cakes and drinks to choose from.

I will give you full details later but they do have quite a lot of cakes and other light meals to choose from and it is a nice cafe despite its location.

The seats in front of the counter are the most popular ones. They always seem to be taken.

Not only for the people eating in but also for the people waiting for their drinks on the go.

I took this picture as soon as the people left sitting there so the table was a bit messy.

It’s like a small cake or pastry-shop with a number of nice cozy looking seats and just might be the right place for girls get-togethers or on dates.

With only 15 seats, the cafe is relatively small but if there are few people like in the picture, you will have plenty of space just to sit back, relax, and enjoy your cake and coffee.

Laliette’s Menu

If you think Laliette as a cake-shop the drinks are at a reasonable price.

Normally, Cafe’s charge you an extra 5~10 Bahts for iced drinks but this cafe does not, therefore making me want to order iced drinks.

The pastry in the display are not cheap but they sure do look tasty.

You’ll probably notice with the pictures on Facebook and Instagram of Laliette, but the cafe does cute birthday cake orders as well.

Long hour stays are possible at the cafe for various purposes

At Laliette, there are no seats outside the cafe which makes it a non-smoking facility.

But if you’re a non-smoker longer stays are possible just to sit back and relax.

With 2-seater and 4-seater seats, there’s plenty of space going with friends. It’s also a great place going alone just to get your mind off everything.

Some seats have plug sockets near them so bringing your laptop and working for hours is possible but I wouldn’t recommend it during the busy hours of the day since the cafe is relatively small.

But it sure is a great place for just sitting down and chit-chatting for a couple of hours while your on your date or just hanging out with friends.

Overview of Laliette

If you think about going to a cafe from Ratchadaphisek Station it’s a lot easier to get out at exit 3 and go to cafes like Brotherhood Cafe and Efin cafe but these cafes are in the business district and they don’t have the ”at-home” like atmosphere that Laliette has to offer.

Unlike the cafes in the business district, Laliette is also open on weekends as well.

The usage of this cafe
  • dates
  • girls get-togethers
  • studying, getting work done on your laptop
  • just to get your mind off everything
  • enjoying food the cafe offers
  • walkable distance to the cafe from the station
  • delicious cakes
  • usage and purposes of the cafe
  • non-smoking facility
  • not known to many foreigners


Cafe Information

Cafe Name Laliette
Address 95/3-4 Soi Vibhavadi Rangsit 16, Din Daeng
Telephone 083 296 7887
Open Time (weekday) 9:00 – 18:00
Open Time (weekend) 9:00 – 18:00
Wi-Fi Yes
Plug Sockets Yes
Parking No
Seat Number 15
Terrace Seats No
Facebook @LalietteCakeCafe
Instagram @laliettecakecafebkk